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Sunday, August 1, 2010


When you complete the tutorial, you find yourself in a nice town, Lumbridge, an ideal place for beginners. Unless your a member who has gotten to a certain point in the Achievement Diaries for other areas, when you die, you respawn in the Lumbridge castle court yard. This is also where the Lumbridge teleport will send you (31 magic, and the required runes), and where (in the regular spell book) the home teleport (1 magic, no runes are needed, but you can only cast this spell once every 30 minutes)sends you. Lumbridge contains a few shops, including Bob's Brilliant Axes, the General Store, and a fishing shop. Lumbridge also holds a church, an anvil, a furnace (for smelting metal bars), and a windmill (for making flour. there is also a wheat field next to the windmill). there are three dungeons around Lumbridge: the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon (members only), the Lumbridge Catacombs (a low level dungeon containing monster from level 1 to level 20. great place for new players to train combat. Requires the quest The Blood Pact) and another members only dungeon in the cellar under the kitchen (only accessable after The Lost Tribe quest.) The two members dungeons are connected. for the Lumbridge castle dungeon, you will need a light source.

Lumbridge is a great place to train most free to play skills. I spent a few hours sitting at the duck pond fishing and cooking crayfish from level 12 to level 32 ( the level required for the cooking guild) Low level miners and/or smiths can head through the Lumbridge graveyard, and follow the river Lum to a mining spot with copper and tin rocks. a perfect place for mining the ores for bronze bars. there is also a furnace north-east of Lumbridge castle, and an anvil in the same hut. there are some combat dummies for those who don't have food. (though these dummies can only be used up to 7 combat/magic/ranged)

When you first reach Lumbridge, you may want to go to the shops to grab the free samples, so you can start training your skills. Lumbridge is available for both Free-to-play, and members. There is much more to Lumbridge that you will discover yourself.

Have fun and Happy 'Scaping

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