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New Pay-to-Play Players Tips

-If you want to train Farming, head to Draynor Village and pick up the potato, cabbage and onion seeds players often drop. Many players Will pickpocket Master Farmers, and steal from the seed stalls, in hopes of good seeds and drop the cheap ones.

-If you can kill a level 40 Guard dog, doing the quest Priest in Peril is a very good idea, because it opens up a huge section of the RuneScape map.

-if you can't run past level 25, 38, and possibly one level 73 wolves, due to a low combat level, you may want to charter a ship from Port Sarim to Catherby, Ardougne, Port Khazard, for a couple thousand GP. Another option, though it's debatable weather this any better or not, is to get 60 GP and go to Port Sarim, pay 30 GP to take the ship to Karamja, run west, past the Volcano, through the gate, then northwest until you reach some docks, then pay 30 more GP to sail to Ardougne. with this method, you will likely be attacked by level 44 Jungle Spiders (at combat level 89, they will no longer attack you unless attacked upon.)

-Never go south of Brimhaven with out Anti-poison. On my first day of membership, I made that very mistake. I only lost 30k, but now know to bring anti-poison whenever I go there.

-Some dungeons require a light source to get around. if you go into a dungeon with out one, you will get a warning (thank you Jagex), and if you say 'proceed regardless' you will not be able to see a thing, and bugs will swarm you, and kill you in seconds. If you have 49+ Firemaking, you should have a lit bullseye lantern in your inventory. If you don't have that firemaking level, use the best light source your firemaking level allows you.

-if you need anywhere from a few GP to a few thousand GP, you may want to theive. at level 1 theiving, you can pickpocket men and women, getting 3 GP each time you are successful. If the NPC your pickpocketing catches you, they will punch you, which will have 2 effects: Dazing you for a few seconds, and losing 10-80 life points, depending on what you were pickpocketing.

-Do NOT ever enter the Kharidian Desert without a few waterskins. in this area, you will die quickly without water. a knife is a good idea, because you can use it on a Kharidian cactus (healthy) which will give you 1 dose of water,should you succeed in cutting it. if not, just use the knife on a different cactus.

-Herblore is a very good skill. it allows you to make potions that can help you in skilling and combat. The most important potion is anti-poison. There are some very usefull potions made with the Herblore skill, such as strength potions, attack potions, defense potions (each boosts the respective skill for a little bit.) for those who have lower Herblore levels, you may want to make combat potions, with which each dose has the same effect of both drinking a strengh potion and an attack potion, thus making it great for saving inventory space.

this is all I can think of at the moment. keep checking, because i will probably post more later on. until next time, Happy 'Scaping