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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mini game Reviews

For new Runescape members it can be scary going into a mini game. you may wonder "is this a mini game in which risk my expensive stuff?" or "is this minigame going to be worth it?" so, here is a few brief reviews of the mini games I have tried, and they also include who it's best for.

Castle Wars
If you are a high level player who likes player killing, this game is for you. this game is pretty much Capture-the-Flag. should you die in this mini game, you will respawn in the room with bandages, with all your items. If you have Ancient Magiks, and plenty of runes, you should bring your best mage gear and cast the spells from the castle walls.

Fishing Trawler
If you are a good fisherman, you may wish to try this game. in this game your goal is to keep the boat working, by fixing nets, filling holes, etc. remember you must keep doing something to stay on the ship, or else you will be marooned. When I tried this game, it was so crowded on the ship, there was nothing for me to do. everyone was doing some thing except me. I got marooned. you may want to do this game with a clan, rather than random people.

Fist of Guthix
This game is centered around player killing. in this game you are either the hunter or the hunted. as the hunted, you are trying to collect charges before the hunter kills you. The hunter is trying to kill the hunted before the hunted gets too many charges. after the hunted is killed, the two player switch roles. some great rewards. ideal for a pure. note: when you die in Fist of Guthix you keep all carried items.

Mage Training Arena

It is recommended to have 54 rune crafting becouse you go through a lot of runes here. there are four mini-mini games: Telekinetic Theatre,Alchemists' Playground, Enchanting Chamber, and Creature Graveyard. these three rooms use most of the types of runes in the game, but at 54 rune crafting, you can all the runes used in any of the mini-mini games. becouse this mini game has so much to it, click on the name of the mini game for information. Note: should you dies in here, you will respawn outside the mini game portals with all your stuff.

Pest Control

This is my favorite combat-based mini game. this is yet another game where if you die, you respawn at the place where the game started. in this game you will need your best combat gear, and maybe some lobsters, but you won't need any food better than lobster becouse this game is so quick. What you are doing is trying to kill all the void creatures, and destroy the four void portals before the void creatures kill the void knight. each round of Pest control lasts 2-5 minutes.

Soul Wars

In Soul Wars you are trying to defeat the opposing team's Avatar. the Avatar is level 525. but this is multi-way combat, so that shouldn't be a problem. you can weaken the enemy avatar by puting soul shards into the Soul Obelisk, and strengthen your avatar by burying bones in a grave yard. note: this is a safe mini game. should you die, you will respawn in a grave yard with all your items. this game was impossible for me at level 75. it appears Ancient Magiks would be an advantage.

Stealing Creation

In Stealing Creation, you are collecting sacred clay, and turning it into items you can use for player killing, or you can deposite the items for a bunch of points. if you are a low combat level, you may want to find a non-combat Stealing Creation clan, otherwise you will be dead meat. note: should you die in this game, you will lose all carried equipmeant and respawn at you teams base. since you can't take anything into the game, you can just jump back in, create more equipmeant and you're back in the game.


Vinesweeper is a mini game based on the old game Mine Sweeper. you are trying to figure out where a seed is in the feilds and flag it. should you dig up some seeds, you will lose a bunch of points but NOT start the whole thing over, like in Mine Sweeper. this game is a great source of seeds fro farming.

this concludes my reviews of different mini games in Runescape. there are many more, but these are all the mini games i've played.

Happy 'Scaping

What is Runescape?

Runescape is an online role-playing game in which you go through a virtual world doing quests, training skills, fighting monsters, and just plain chatting with other Runescape players. Runescape differs from other online role-playing games (RPGs) in that you don't have to fight monsters to make money. You can train non-combat skills and get along fine. I know a few skillers (players who don't fight at all, generally staying at combat level 3, the level all player start with in Runescape) who are doing great and loving the game. Runescape has 25 skills, 7 of which are combat skills. These skills include: fishing, cooking, mining, smithing, fletching, and several others.
How to make money is the most commonly asked question in the game, and there is no one answer. There are hundreds of ways to make money, ranging from fighting certain monsters (such as black demons) to chopping yew trees, to making cannonballs.
If you have not tried Runescape, I recommend you do because, chances are, you'd be hooked.
Happy 'Scaping

What is Ticket to Rune?

Ticket to Rune is a blog all about Runescape. In this blog, I will share my opinions, discoveries, and tips to help you in playing Runescape.
A little background: I am Trainguyrom. I have been playing Runescape for about 16 months. I have a members account (Trainguyrom) and a free-to-play account(Trainguyrom2) You may think I'm a noob, and know nothing about the game, but I have done a lot, and learned a lot.
I have reached a total level of over 1150, 78 combat, over 100 quest points, 2 million GP, and another 2 or 3 million in stuff. I play Runescape in most of my spare time, and love almost all the aspects of the game.