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New Free-to-Play Players Tips

-before you start training combat skills (Attack, Strength, defense, Prayer, Constitution, magic, ranged) train your cooking skill. the food you cook can be used to heal you in battle. better foods heal more life-points.

-an easy way to train fishing, cooking, woodcutting, and fire-making, is to go just north of Lumbridge Castle to the fishing shop, and take the crayfish cage, take a hatchet from the axe shop, and a tinderbox from the general store, and go to the duck pond just north-west of Lumbridge Castle, and fish crayfish. once you have a full inventory of raw crayfish, chop a tree and light the logs with your tinderbox. then use the raw crayfish on the fire to cook it. if you want, you can bank the cooked crayfish for food for fighting monsters(there is a bank on the top floor of Lumbridge Castle.) or you can sell the cooked crayfish to the general store.

-a good quest to do to get your prayer level from level 1, is The Restless Ghost. one of the rewards is 5 ancient bones that, once burried, give 200 prayer experience(XP) each. The Amulet of Ghost Speak is also used in several Members quests, should you become a Member.

-When training melee, you should start with defense, because that will greatly cut down on how hard and how often you are hit in combat. once you are satisfied with your defense level (level 5 is recommended) train strength, as that will make training go faster. Strength increases how high you hit, and XP is earned by how many life points you hit. after defense comes attack, which increases how often you hit the enemy.

-when you start out, you may want to train Melee by killing chickens. they hardly ever hit you, even at level 1 defense. Chickens drop bones(bury for Prayer XP) raw chicken(can be cooked. cooked chicken heals 30 Life Points) and feathers (used in fly fishing, and, on Members worlds, fletching. feathers can be sold on the Grand Exchange.

-while training skills, and fighting monsters, you will get some items from it. the ones that seem useless(goblin mail, cadava berries, lots of leather gloves, etc.) you should look up information on it on Rune Wiki. generally, if it's worth less than 100 GP (some items are worth less than 100 GP, but are in high demand, such as feathers.) or you have lots of it, and people would only buy one of them, sell to the general store.

-when cooking, it's more than likely that you will burn food. you can sell the burnt food to the General Store for 1 GP each. that may sound like a waste of time, but all those coins add up.

I will add more to this list as time goes on.
For now, Happy 'Scaping