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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have come to learn that very few people know how to make dyes, even though they are in high demand. Dyes are in such high demand because many quests require them, such as Ghosts Ahoy and Enlightened Journey. Dyes come in eight colors, six of which are free-to-play. Dyes come in these colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, pink (members only-Hand in the Sand quest required.) and black(members only-The Golem quest required.)

Dyes are really quite easy to make, and also very cheap. Dyes are a good source of money for low level free-to-play players. To make a dye, simply have the ingredients in your inventory, and 5 gp per dye, and go to Aggie in Draynor Village, and have her make the dyes. Its that simple. Do note that Aggie only makes red, yellow, and blue dyes. To make green, purple, or orange dyes, simply use the two colors on each other to mix them into the desired dye.

Pink dye requires no ingredients after finishing Hand in the Sand quest. Pink dye is not bought from Aggie. it is bought for 20GP from Betty in Port Sarim, just west of Draynor Village. Pink dye is untradable.

Black dye, or black mushroom ink, is free to make, but requires entering the Kharidian Desert. Black dye requires The Golem quest to make. To make black mushroom ink, simple enter the caverns underneath the Ruins of Uzer, and find a black mushroom. Use the black mushroom with a pestle and morter on it with an empty vial in your inventory to get black mushroom ink.
black mushroom ink is also untradable

All dyes can be used to dye capes (only the regular kind of cape) and on Origami Balloons (must have started Enlightened Journey to make Origami Balloons).

The red, blue and yellow dyes use inexpensive items to create:
Red: 3 Redberries
Yellow: 2 Onions
Blue: 2 Woad Leaves.

If you are a beginner, yellow dye is a great money-maker. Simply pick onions just south of Fred's Farm, run west to Draynor Village with 26 onions and 5GP per dye (65GP per inventory) Bank the yellow dyes just 2 doors south, and repeat. Each yellow dye is worth 500-700 GP each(over the Grand Exchange), and is quick and easy to make, plus it's cheap.

For those who already have a few thousand GP, blue dyes are even faster. Simply buy any even number of Woad Leaves off the Grand Exchange (be sure to have 5GP per 2 Woad Leaves, otherwise you'll just have wasted money.), and grab all the woad leaves (they're stack-able!) and the GP needed, and make blue dyes, banking each inventory of blue dyes, until you run out of Woad Leaves. This technique makes about the same amount of money per dye, but is faster, and thus, makes money faster.

So there you have it, A simple way to not only save money, but make money