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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Town of Catherby

Imagine sitting on the shore of a sunny, warm beach, with a mountain just east of you, and catching some lobsters on a beautiful day. That is what Catherby is like. Catherby is the most popular place to fish in the RuneScape members' worlds. Any member can fish here. Catherby has things people can fish from fishing level 1 (shrimp) all the way to level 76 (sharks). If you are fishing lobster, tuna, swordfish, or sharks here, you may want your public chat on, because lobster, tuna, swordfish, and sharks are slow to fish at any level, thus, If your fishing large numbers of these, you will likely get bored, and having someone to talk to can really make it more interesting. Sometimes when I'm fishing these, I play cards while my character fishes here. Something to do with your mind would be good. some people listen to music, or watch TV with their laptop in there lap, or countless other things. Catherby also houses the water Obelisk for charging water orbs. Catherby has beehives, and a flax field just to the west. to the north is my personal favourite farming patch.

North of Catherby is Seers' Village (with a spinning wheel ideal for spinning flax into bowstrings), east of Catherby is White Wolf Mountain, south-west of Catherby is Ardougne. There is also a charter ship, useful for getting to other ports around RuneScape.

Next time you wish to fish, choose Catherby...well, until 68 fishing where you can go to the guild, but Catherby is still good.
Happy 'Scaping!

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